Monday, 9 January 2017

Migraines and Your Diet

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For those who suffer migraine headaches, the pain is overwhelming and can also be totally debilitating.  For the countless chronic sufferers that have tried just about everything but have been unable to find relief, a new study offers new and inspiring hope.
From the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center comes a study that shows that caffeine, processed foods high in nitrites or the flavor enhancer mono sodium glutamate (MSG), imbibing alcohol to excess and too much of your Morning Jo are all potential triggers and things to cut-back on or consider eliminating entirely.

Avoid Migraine Triggers

This could mean saying goodbye to foods and beverages that are the best-known culprits. Favorite foods you may have to take another look at for their high MSG content include frozen and canned foods, soups, snack foods, seasonings, salad dressings, condiments and some Asian and international foods.

Additional Rewards

There are additional benefits as well. From overall better health from a diet of more nutritious foods and lower sugars to more effective and natural weight management and dental health. There are many dietary options to discuss with your healthcare professional.

A Stricter Diet

This is one area where dozens upon dozens of studies provide the inarguable link between these foods and beverages and the consensus of experts concluding how they trigger migraine headaches. Consuming less processed food and drinking less alcohol, especially vodka and red wine which are widely popular but have the highest histamine content, can be big helpers to limit Migraine triggers.

Your Morning Cuppa

If you are prone to having a morning cup of coffee - do it in moderation. Too much is considered another migraine trigger; it’s recommended that no more than 400 milligrams of caffeine – a little of three cups – is the limit for headache sufferers.  Be forewarned, however, cold turkey caffeine elimination may give you ‘morning headaches’ while your body readjusts.
Eat healthier and feel better has long been a mantra for so many ailments.
Lower carbohydrate intake and fats limited to 20 percent or less of food intake while adding foods boosting omega-3 fats and lessening omega-6 levels can help with migraine headaches and much more.

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