Saturday, 7 January 2017

Want to Feel Happier? Eat Fruits and Vegetables!

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Researchers at the University of Warwick in collaboration with the University of Queensland in Australia have confirmed what mothers around the world have been telling their kids forever – eating fruits and vegetables really is good for you.

And not only good for your health, but as a surprising aspect of this new study, there are very real and measurable happiness benefits, too.

Benefits of Antioxidants

We’ve long heard the accepted finding that antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer and heart attacks - that’s not new. What is news is that this study is the first to explore and quantify the psychological benefits.

Over a period of 24 months, people who changed from a diet of no fruit and vegetables to one of eight portions a day, experienced a positive change in their overall life satisfaction.

Study Followed 12,000 People

The study used food diaries of randomly selected people; over 12,000 of them.  The unexpected finding is that the benefits of incorporating fruits and vegetables into diets, appearing  as a sense of well-being, seem to appear earlier than the medical benefits such as higher resistance to cancer and heart attack; a couple of years versus a couple of decades. Benefits from eating each extra daily portion, up to 8 portions per day, of fruits and vegetables showed as a higher sense of happiness.

Help for the Western Diet

The Western Diet has long been viewed as unhealthy, or at least less healthy.  It is expected that health professionals will cite this study to encourage even more of their patients to add fruits and vegetables to their diets.  Not just better health far in the future, but feeling happier - the psychological reward – and that reward comes much sooner.

What’s Next?

Researchers will continue to probe, conducting research into antioxidants.  Current research suggest links between carotenoid levels in the blood and optimism; imagine that!

What would Mum say?

Eat more fruits and vegetables!

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