Thursday, 17 December 2015


1. Switch the Mental Associations

1. Think of a food you dislike.

2. Mentally notice if the thought brings up a picture, internal dialogue, or feeling – it’s easiest to work with a visual.

3. Notice the qualities of the image or video, voice or feeling including location in your body.

4. Switch the food you want to have the same disdain for into this place.

2. Use a Quality Quantifier

1. Think of a food you want to dislike.

2. Notice on a scale of 0 to 10 how strong your desire is or was for it.

3. First increase the level of desire – to show to yourself you have control over it.

4. Then ask yourself “What would I need to think about, picture, say to myself to feel to take this to an X?” Where X represents a number 2-3 points below the current level.

5. Keep going until you take it to a 0.

You can then increase the number for a food you like

Pick a food in the alkaline section of the manual that you know is good for you. Ask: “What would I need to picture, say to myself, feel or think about this to increase my desire for this to an X? Where X represents a number 2-3 points higher than the current level.

 3. Build A Compelling Future

Human beings get happy from knowing that tomorrow is better than today. It might be a future in this current life. For other people it is a transcendental future – that is a future in a future life. You need to work on who you want to be to get there. Ask yourself: “Is this meal choice or action consistent with the identity I’m building for myself?”

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