Monday, 14 December 2015

Reduce Fat With a High-Protein Diet

All people are losing the battle of the bulge. About two-thirds of adults and one-third of children are either overweight or obese. Weight-related diseases like diabetes type II and heart disease are on the rise, as are healthcare costs.
What is the best diet?

Now a day  most of people spend an incredible,  amount a year on diet and weight-loss products. Unfortunately, they rarely work. Only about five percent of dieters are able to lose weight on a diet and keep it off for more than one year. Millions of women on diets spend billions of dollars without anything to show for it. Men are also dieting more than ever before.
When a guy goes on a diet, however, he is rarely trying to fit into a skimpy new swimsuit or speedo. More often than not, he wants to reduce fat and tummy flab. Men tend to store most of their excess weight in their stomachs. In order to shrink stomach, a man must eat right and exercise. It's really that simple.

According to the Will Shannon , Australia's most well known Naturopath and Iridologist,losing weight requires portion control and substitutions. Instead of sugary drinks, he recommends water or low-fat milk. Instead of side dishes that are high in carbohydrates, he suggests fresh vegetables and fruits. Oversize portions are also a problem.

A fat upper stomach is often the result of too much snacking. Eating between meals is responsible for more potbellies than the pig! Sugary and salty snacks are a deadly food combination, since they are chockfull of carbohydrates. Carbs are broken down quickly and efficiently by the body. In other words, little energy is expended and few calories are burned during digestion.
Any diet service worth its salt will let its clients know that foods that are high in protein require more energy (calories) to burn than other foods. A thick steak takes a lot of effort to chew, swallow and digest. When the meal is broken down, nearly thirty percent of its calories will have been burned off. By comparison, a handful of potato chips or pretzels will require only a fraction of that amount to digest.
Every Dieter is Different

One reason why so many dieters fail is because the diet treatment they use treats them all the same. Some folks need a detox diet, while others simply need to lose weight. Age is also an important consideration. When we get older, our metabolic rate slows and it our bodies don't break down food as efficiently. That is why most teenagers can get away with eating almost anything, while most adults gain weight if they even look at a fattening food. Older people must change their diets accordingly. They must incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables and protein, and jettison the carbohydrates. Failure to do so could result in weight gain and increased risk of fatal diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. For More more information you can contact or make an appointment pinnacle clinic

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