Monday, 14 December 2015

The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat For Today's Woman

Most people are interested with weight control. Some may just have the ideal weight while other may need to add few more pounds. More people are battling with weight problems at some point of their lives. Whatever your goal regarding weight control, it is important to acknowledge the importance of exercise in controlling your weight.
It is a fact that having too much body fat is a problem. However, with modern-day living, excess body fat is common. Most of the jobs we have right now do not require physical activity and our leisure time is usually spend sitting in front of the TV.

The Effects of Excess Body Fat
Recent studies showed that most of  adults are obese, which means they are 20% above the ideal weight. At present, a growing number of children and youth populations have higher body fat levels. Excess body fats are often linked to different illnesses such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and other types of cancers. Some studies showed that obesity has negative effects not only on health condition of a person but his or her longevity as well.

The Recommended Exercise
Although there is various kinds of exercise, aerobics uses most energy hence it is recommended for weight control. It uses the large muscle in the body in a rhythmic and continuous movement and needs oxygen to produce energy. The longer you do aerobic exercises, the more energy your body needs, the more calories are used. Experts recommended to do aerobics not less than three times a week for a minimum span of 20 minutes. As you body adjusts, you can gradually increase your aerobics time to 40 minutes

A Balanced Diet
Having a balanced diet must be part of any weight control program. Hence, whether you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight or are considering to lose few pounds in a week, you must follow a balanced diet. A diet that includes complex carbohydrates and moderate fat and protein is ideal to complement an exercise program. It should also satisfy your recommended daily allowance and includes the right number of servings of food combining: vegetables and fruits (foods high in fiber), four servings; bread and cereals, four servings; milk and milk products, two to four servings; and meat and fish (foods high in protein), two servings.
Recommended daily intake should not be less than 1,200 calories, .. If you need more  information about your health you can discuss with  Will Shannon , Australia's most well known Naturopath and Iridologist or contact or  visit

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